Puppy Love

Disclaimer:  I don't think a lot of people will like my thoughts on this.

There are a lot of cute puppies roaming around out here in the bush.

I mean, everything in baby form is “ the cutest ”.
My 10 year old self desperately begged for a puppy and gave all her pennies in that piggy-bank to buy him.

But here‘s the thing: I've become a serious anti- ‘pet dog’ fan.

Here me out...
Living in Africa this year has taught me a whole a lot.
It has adjusted my lens.

Everyone I met this year had recently lost a mother through childbrith, a sister to malaria, their own child, a friend, or a father. Death is daily and death is reality.
Why? Because decent healthcare, nutritional meals, available medicine, information and money are lacking enormously.

Our own human race, our sisters and brothers all over the ‘majority world‘, are dying from curable diseases;  they go to bed hungry and struggle to provide for their families.

I know, this is started out about puppies. I’m still there.
Our western world has a incredibly damaging affection for “pets.”

Why is it that children, mothers and families must suffer through hunger, disease and inadequate care when, in the wonderful western world, we instead like to focus on and pour huge amounts of our money into canines. our precious pets?

now, I don‘t think having a dog is necessarily a bad thing.

And if you have one, you should care for it. Dogs can be great: they‘re protective, they‘re companions, they’re a ‘man‘s best friend', right? They tend to give us a feeling of purpose, fill that hole of not having kids, give us something to care for and often they bring us joy.

But they are still animals.
I find this hard to stomach.

I asked google and found out that a disgusting 62.75 billion US dollars are dumped into our pets YEARLY when less than 1% of that is given, from US aid, to the Congo (one the poorest countires in the world)62.75 billion US dollars are spent on vet bills, dog clothes, special dog food, vaccinations, hair cuts, toys and even spa treatments.


Why are we okay with giving such privileges to these animals when 90% of the world doesn't have access to any of this – not children, not adults?

When little babies are well fed and

mothers don‘t need to bleed out in their

huts because they could't pay the hospital

fees to give birth - when we've made sure

we've done our part in this human world

to clothe the naked, feed the poor and

provide for the sick, then sure, we can

invest some of our extra money in our

dogs and pets.


No kidding, this couldn’t be more relatable

Mama Sabuli (Mother to over 100 orphans)

just now

(like, as I‘m writing this) sent me a picture

of a little 4 month old baby, Dieu, who

arrived on her doorstep yesteraday, severly

malnourished. He is orphaned and

starving. Mama Sabuli took him in, is

feeding him and loving him.

She also happens to be bursting at the

seams with all these children in her care

who continuously require food, clothing,

medical care, school supplies to keep


There are so many real little people looking for hope & trying to survive.

Honestly, I think we need to see that we DO have the responsibility to love our neighbours – those next to us and those who are overseas.

We can make a difference and we can change peoples lives.

I wrote these thoughts with high hopes that maybe some of us would begin to reconsider where we pour out our money. Because we do have a choice. We do choose where we invest.

find something your passionate about, whether it be equal education, girl empowerment, water, human trafficking etc.

Let us not remain comfortably numb to real human needs and human suffering all around the globe.
Xx lischa.

Support Mama Sabuli at Congo Voice -
OR find somthing you‘re passionate about and invest into real people.