Little update from Germany

Delayed flights, lost luggage, and missed trains. Not exactly what I had envisioned. 

Oh the adventure we have had thus far... and it's only day 3.

Sunday and Monday consisted of bittersweet, tearful goodbyes to our loved ones.

We left for the airport at noon, and that morning consisted of frantically rearranging and reevaluating our things in an attempt to fit all of our belongings for the next 11 months into three suitcases and our carry-ons. 

My brain kept going in circles, do we have the medicine? visa’s?  passports?  Curriculum? toothpaste- do we need toothpaste? Should we buy it in Germany? Save space?  Do we have all our shoes? Journals? camera’s? I continued to mentally loop through our packing list.

Deep breath, Lischa.

Yes, you have all you need.

You probably have more medicine in that suitcase than some of the hospitals in the Congo, You have a larger variety of t-shirts than some people have clothes in their closets.

You are more than okay. You have more than enough. Breathe.

Max quickly reminded of how Jesus talked about the lilies in the field. He talked about how much God cares for the flowers which do not even last, and how much more he cares for us, “And don’t be concerned about what you will eat or drink, or about what to wear. Don’t worry about such things…Your Father already knows your needs.  Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and he will give you everything you need.”

We are in good hands.

God has been so faithful to us, to get us this far, I know he won't stop now. Even when things go wrong, he is still in the midst of it.

He is with us every step, even when everything seems to crumble.

Our flight was delayed,

our luggage got lost,

we missed our connecting train,

another train was late;

80 euros down the drain.

Ugh. This is not what we envisioned.
Stressed, sweaty and frustrated we stood at the train station.

Perhaps God was trying to teach us to have patience with one another. To trust in his plans.

Because we aren’t very good at it. We have lots to learn.

We can learn to trust, even in the midst of chaos.

See the bright side of it, we didn’t have to lug our massive suitcases around the airport or train station, instead, they’re going to be delivered right to our door. And any clothing we need between now and when it arrives, we will get reimbursed for. Those 80 euros, they’ll be reimbursed, too!

And, I know this will not be the last hectic situation we will have to deal with in the next year. Not by a long shot. This test of patience forced us to talk this through, deal with the stress and frustration, practice kindness and learn to have faith, because it all worked out. God is faithful even when I can’t see him at work.

And here we are, safe and happy with Max’s family for the next 10 days. Eating, and laughing and resting.

There is much to be thankful for and much to learn around every new corner.

thankful hearts.

thankful hearts.