21 Things I'm Learning At 21


It's hard to imagine that its almost been three months. I wish I could elegantly describe the wonders we have seen to give you but a taste of the beauty and the brokenness. We are nearing the halfway point of being here in Mloka. My heart is already dreading leaving. I am deeply rooted in joy and thankfulness here. But I trust the fullness of God and that his plans for us are perfect even when I can't make sense of them.

If I were to tell you all about how the Lord has answered our prayers, encouraged us deeply, protected us, blessed us, gently taught us many wonders and provided for things we couldn't forsee, you would be blown away by his goodness.

I thought before I post our update I would share a few things I'm learning as I creep towards an adult-ish age.

21 Things I'm Learning at 21...

  1. To love without reservation.

  2. To invest in people. Souls not stuff.

  3. To have a spirit fueled by thankfulness.

  4. To live fully present and absorb the wonder of life. the simple, priceless moments.

  5. To crave a servant-like heart. To throw away selfish gain, self-love, and my self-focused life and pursue a life full of compassion.

  6. To seek opportunities to be generous. Oh the joy that will fill your soul.

  7. To appreciate new friendships, and new ways of living.

  8. To apologize sincerely for what actually matters.

  9. To be awkward. To be humble. I'm learning to laugh at myself and make mistakes.

  10. To be willing to do anything for the Lord. It's his love alive in me that enables me to go. to love. to be. to do.

  11. To wonder and dream, to pursue my passions and trust that God is able to do immeasurably more than I could ever imagine and he will guide my steps.

  12. To pause in awe of creation, at the vast dazzling canopy of stars, or the glow of the sunset.

  13. to give up my grasp on control and be able to accept the unexpected.

  14. To value life. Every child, every soul matters, has value, purpose and potential.

  15. To be willing to be open, real and vulnerable. To laugh deeply and cry honestly.

  16. To rest assured in God's abundant love and faithfulness.

  17. To speak boldly with kindness. To not allow fear to keep me from speaking truth.

  18. To forgive with abandon. Holding onto bitterness only becomes a burden and weighs me down while forgiveness brings such peace and restoration.

  19. To be filled with joy- not dependent upon my circumstances, but to continually rejoice with lasting, soul-felt joy that I have found in the undeserved grace of Jesus.

  20. To pursue people, despite inevitable disappointment. Invest with abounding love and grace.

  21. Above all, to depend on Jesus, to spend time listening to him and absorbing his words, learning to trust the lord with all my heart. With everything.

There is much to be thankful for and much to learn.
xo update coming soon!