Puppy Love

Why are we okay with giving such privileges to these animals when 90% of the world doesn't have access to any of this – not children, not adults?

When we've made sure we've done our part in this human world to clothe the naked, feed the poor and provide for the sick, then sure, we can invest some of our extra money in our dogs and pets.

If I told you.

That maybe this life is not actually only about you nor loving youself.
Maybe our purpose here is not actually for self gain, but to serve others.

…Maybe the 1.4 million children in East Africa who are at risk of starvation in the coming months could beg you to reconsider, or the 30 million people experiencing severe hunger today.

I think we've shifted our focus on ourselves and in turn landed in the gutter.
We have thought so deeply about our needs, we have forgotten the needs of the people beside us.

21 Things I'm Learning At 21

21 Things I'm Learning At 21

If I were to tell you all about how the Lord has answered our prayers, encouraged us deeply, protected us, blessed us, gently taught us many wonders and provided for things we couldn't forsee, you would be blown away by his goodness.

I thought before I post our update I would share a few things I'm learning as I creep towards an adult-ish age.

21 Things I'm Learning at 21...

  1. To love without reservation.

  2. To invest in people. Souls not stuff.

Emptying the Ocean with an Eye-Dropper

We want to care. We want to be genuine in our love. We want to spread the hope of the gospel.

There’s another reason too. The bible says, “At the present time, your surplus will meet their need, so that in turn their surplus will meet your need. Then there will be equality” (v. 14). We believe that as we go, and give what we have, we too will receive much from the people. Not necessarily material give and take, but a much more imminent meaning, that many of us in the Western world miss.

 Its not a one way street.